Thursday, January 14, 2010


I know everything happens for a reason and you send certain people in one's life for a reason. So I'm still trying to figure out his purpose for being in my life, and why I still care deeply for him eventhough he's playing major games and seems to be caught up in this "fantasy world."
After moving out of our apartment in Feb. 09 things haven't been the same, except the fact that we still keep in contact... which is cool. He's holding back, it's pretty obvious. I told him countless times he don't have to lie to me about ANYTHING and that he can talk to me about ANYTHING... still nothing.
God I asked you to take the irrelevent people out of my life and you did just that, but for some reason he is still here.
Question to self::. Why are you still there for him??
Answer::. because I look past all the b.s and I see his heart... no doubt about it dude has a really good heart. I pray that things start comming together soon and that our friendship continue and grow in Jesus name ... Amen

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