Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Last Days of Left Eye

I'm watching the documentary of Left Eye on VH1, for like the fifth time and I'm thinking to myself, "WOW, the things people go through in their personal lives." Left Eye was a BEAUTIFUL woman on the outside with so much hurt and pain on the inside. It is intriguing and stimulating to see what an intense and insightful person Lisa was. She was on a journey and she seemed very grounded, meaning she knew who she was despite the “craziness” that manifested in her life. But, the 3 parts that caught my attention the most was when she showed the word HATE carved deeply into her left arm, (because of a love situation gone wrong), when she said she felt like spirits were following her, and when she was in the car saying "I need a break, I just need a break. I want to leave and get lost."
That goes to show you how celebs are people too, with real struggles. And they are almost, always under a lot of pressure. The only difference is that they have millions of dollars, but money dosen't buy happiness.

R.I.P Lisa Nicole "Left Eye" Lopes


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